This week in room 3…

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for another week in fourth grade.

I would like you to take a minute or two to review your child’s graded papers from L.A.M.B. Many children are “acing” all assignments and showing they are really understanding some new concepts like syllabication and sentence diagramming. If your child is struggling in understanding parts of speech please take some time to help them by writing simple sentences. Then have them underline the parts of speech. It is critical that your child knows and understands noun markers (articles), nouns, and verbs. These three parts of speech are taught throughout first – fourth grades.  Now we are going to use that knowledge and add on to that information. Please practice this with your child if they are showing the need.

On a different topic, three children went home from school sick today. Please remind your children that hand washing, a healthy diet, and plenty of rest are the keys to staying healthy. I make sure we wash hands often and have hand sanitizer available in many locations in the room. Please help your child to get the rest they need each night…even with their busy fall schedules!

Thanks and have a beautiful fall week!



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