Today in room 3… 9/4/12

We were incredible hot and uncomfortable in class today. I just wanted you to know that exhausted and sweaty children are coming your way today after school. Please remind your child to bring cool/cold water to school. They are allowed to have it all year-long at their tables, but they really need it during this hot and humid spell!

Tonight is Marco’s Pizza night. Put the chicken dinner you prepaid over the weekend off to the side, that is what I am doing, and order your family some pasta, pizza and salad for dinner. The class with the greatest participation gets a class pizza party! We don’t really need a class pizza party, BUT the PTA really needs our support! So order pizza tonight for dinner and have game night with the kiddos!

By the way, have you signed up to be a PTA member? I have! It is only five dollars for each adult joining! Let’s have the highest number of participants in the building! Maybe I will provide a “treat” to our class if we have 100% participation! NOT maybe, I will!

And remember, PLEASE send a comment from today’s blog, to let me know you have signed up for email notifications. That is important to me, because I will know every family is getting the same information at the same time. I have received five or six responses already! Keep them coming!

Have a great cool and dry night…or go play in the rain! Whatever you do, enjoy your family time!


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