Today in Room 3 (8/23/12)

Today in fourth grade we played a pyramid game. It was fun and hard. The team that did the worst in the beginning, did the best in the end. To play the game you need six plastic cups and a rubber band with as many strings attached as you have players (four works best). The only rule is you cannot touch the cups with anything other than the rubber band. It was even harder when the cups fell on the floor. You need to work as a team to play the game. (By Mark, Rachel, Madison, Claudia, Tyler, Faith, Preston)

We had a really great day today with lots of organizing and setting the tone for life in room three. We are starting to realize that knowledge not something that you have, but is something that you must work hard to attain. Please take time to read through your child’s Bulldog Binder with them tonight. It is their homework. It is your homework to sign the binder next to the X. In addition, if you have not sent in your forms or student fees please do that as soon as possible. The fees for fourth grade are $24.00. Your children were extremely kind to each other and respectful to me, today, the first day of fourth grade!


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